Straight From The Source 1Straight From The Source 1 was released in December 2004 and went on to hold the No.1 position simultaneously in the overall Jazz chart, the Latin Jazz chart and the Brazilian Jazz chart on the independent artists mp3tunes website during 2005-2006 – in the latter, almost without break for several months.

Straight From The Source 2The follow-up album in 2006, Straight From The Source 2, proved equally popular – in the words of one reviewer, ’eminently listenable, ten supremely lyrical tunes that make this the consummate second album’, with the track I Should Know By Now reaching the finals of the Instrumental category in that year’s UK Songwriting Contest.

End Of SummerEnd Of Summer (January 2012) featured seven guitar-led latin and jazz flavoured instrumental pieces and once again included several tracks that reached the semi-finals of the UK Songwriting Contest.

mosaic-cover-thumbMosaic (September 2015) comprised 12 new compositions which, together with jazz and latin, drew on influences including film music, finger style guitar and more. Over Mountains, Through the Glens, Glory Days and the title track, Mosaic all reached the finals or semi-finals of the 2015 UK Songwriting Contest.

caffe-gio-front-insetGreg Walker’s fifth album, Caffè Gio (April 2016) features ten compositions blending latin and jazz flavours with laid-back, thematic, atmospheric and chilled grooves. The penultimate track – Rio Geo, Revisited – is a reinterpretation of his original piece, Rio Geo, which appeared on Straight From The Source 1 and is often cited as a favourite from that album.

Greg also co-wrote the soul dancefloor hit, Second Opinion (performed by Victor Haynes and included on the album Soul Togetherness 2009, together with tracks by Chaka Khan, Incognito and others).


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