K-Kat Chill Café

K-Kat Chill Café’s videos featuring tracks from Mosaic and Caffè Gio.

And Still The Snow Must Fall

Check out internationally acclaimed chillout composer/producer Michael E‘s version of And Still The Snow Must Fall, which appeared on his 2014 album The Butterfly Effect.

Greg Walker’s original composition first appeared on End of Summer in 2012 and has proved one of the most popular tracks from the album. This original version can be heard below as the backing track to a selection of his own winter photographic images.



Serenity, which featured on Mosaic in 2015, was reworked here in this version by Michael E, using some of Greg’s original guitar takes, together with other guitar parts that didn’t feature in his original). This track can be found on Michael’s album, Welcome To My World.

With Each Passing Moment

Also from Michael E is With Each Passing Moment, (from his From Within album) featuring Greg Walker on guitar.

Tailwind To The Sun

Featured on the End Of Summer album, Tailwind To The Sun was used as the backing track for a short promo film produced by Wlkr Creative for Nonnas Italian Restaurant and Cookery School, Chesterfield, England.


Greg Walker's YouTube Channel

A number of tracks from SFTS1, SFTS2 and End Of Summer have been used as backing tracks to personal film footage and photo sets.  A few examples appear below and can be viewed, together with other unreleased tracks, on Greg Walker’s Channel on YouTube.



Certain Sure

Degrees South


September PM

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